i’m back(ish)!

I haven’t had consistent time in my life for crafting in a very long time. To create, sell & blog can be a full time job and well, I work two other nearly full time jobs. I’m working on finding a balance but it’s a work in progress for sure.

image from http://www.deliacreates.com

image from www.deliacreates.com

I’m digging my craft supplies out of storage to do the holiday craft fair at burncoat prep this saturday (12/12) 8-2. come by and see if I’ve still got it!


DIY Holiday

make your own wine charms!

For Christmas presents this year (and well, every year really…) all of my presents are from small local shops, Etsy, or homemade by yours truly. There’s a small list of people I’ll get gifts for, and then I’ll make some homemade treats for the others (I was thinking cookies or something this year but my mom totally out did me and made Kahlua!) This is a busy time of year for everyone and sometimes it’s hard to find time to make creative gifts, but in my opinion, they really are the best kind! There’s always so many people and parties to buy for, so here’s a simple gift idea for many occasions! Paired with a bottle of wine they make a great addition to a Yankee swap or even a housewarming gift!

What you’ll need:

Buttons! Of all colors shapes and sizes. You can find them in the craft stores but the best ones usually come from unique places. If you have a friend like me (read: craft-hoarder) then they’ll have a collection of old vintage buttons. But ask your grandmother if she has a button tin, I bet she does (if not, your mom has it) comb through thrift stores, dig through your junk drawer- get creative!

Beads! A collection of medium and large beads and then a bunch of different seed beads (the teeny-tiny ones). If you’re not a beader, then these you might have to buy but fortunately they’re super cheap! Seed beads usually come in tubes and go a long way. For my charms, I try to make each one entirely unique so as to differentiate, an all yellow one, a black one, a gold one etc. I usually pick out my big bead and button first, and then use those as a guide for the seed beads and spacer beads.

Wire! Craft wire is something you might not have laying around, but it is also super affordable and can be found at any craft store. It’s important that you don’t get beading wire which is thinner and feels more like string. Craft wire holds it’s shape and comes in all different colors and sizes. If you’ve never worked with wire before- it’s sold in gauges. The higher the gauge the thinner the wire and vice versa. For this project you want anywhere between a 20-24… an 18 is probably too stiff to bend and anything thinner than 24 will snap too easily. I prefer a dark copper wire in about a 22 gauge.

Wire cutters! You’ll ruin all of your scissors trying to cut through craft wire, but any wire cutters you have in your tool box should do.

Assembly is entirely up to you, so be creative! I usually start with a button and find a large bead I want to go with it. Then I will fill about 5 or 6 inches with seed beads and smaller spacer beads within that color scheme, end with the larger bead and twist the wire around it to hold it in place. They are pretty simple to put together and a good project to do with friends over wine (you might say I know from experience).

Make a set & tie with ribbon to a bottle of wine for a perfect gift! What else have you guys been creating this holiday season?

Happy crafting!

Katie O

Tea Talk: James Holton Fox

This long overdue Tea Talk comes from the incredible Jim Fox! He is a Vibram wearing, silk painting, hard cider making, beer brewing, eccentric goof ball from the cape.

introduce yourself!
James Holton Fox- Liquor Store Clerk. Artist. Eccentric Wierdo. Relutant cult leader.

What’s your cup of tea?
Making paintings on cardboard with sharpie and acrylic paint.

What’s your favorite materials or ingredients to work with?
Adobe Illustrator, it’s like markers and paint just waaaaay faster.

What’s a good crafting or cooking tip?
Don’t throw anything away, especially if its shiny.


Where do you find your inspiration & ideas?
Behind closed eyelids. I see lots of hallucinogenic and cartoon like images before I go to sleep. I used to suffer from hypnopompic hallucinations which heavily influenced the art I made in my early 20’s. Sometimes I wake up and I have to scribble things down when the maelstrom of images becomes too much. It’s always back there and doesn’t go away. Drinking can keep it at bay but other drugs just help it flow out. Sometimes after drawing or painting for a few hours I feel completely drained and unable to do anything. Making art for me is a reaction to life, it is the one thing that has remained constant, the need to create, even if that means scribbling on a wall with markers in the back of a dive bar.

The days go by and you wish you were a different guy,
Different friends and a new set of clothes.
You make alterations and affect a new pose,
A new house, a new car, a new job, a new nose.
But it’s superficial and it’s only skin deep,
Because the voices in your head keep shouting in your sleep.
– Ray Davies

What’s on your crafting/cooking soundtrack?

Psytrance, 70’s rock and roll,  trip-hop.

What’s a craft or meal you’ve always been meaning to try but haven’t gotten around to?
Coloring book. (I’m working on it now and i’m currently obsessed, but it has been a long time coming.)  This year has been about working on those ideas on the back burner.

What’s your favorite easy meal or project that should that everyone know about?
Making pizza can be really easy and intensely rewarding. Mushroom curry pizza with smoked gouda.

What’s the best thing to do with your scraps?

I am a art / craft supply hoarder.
Compost yo vegetables !

What’s something you can’t live without?
Caffeine, I get headaches if I miss a dose.
Did you know addicts can develop a resistance to caffeine’s diuretic dehydrating effects ?

How do you know me or how did you find me?
I’m pretty sure I first met you at the Umass Craft Center, or at my house.

What other blogs are you reading on the regular?
I used to read “Celebrate Lunacy” but he stopped updating. 

have any websites to promote, or ways we can find you?
I can be contacted through the Aumlogic website.

Thanks for reaching out.

Jim’s art:


Pumpkin French Toast

This morning began with an impromptu pumpkin french toast breakfast with Marcus, and Bennett telling me he saw a puppy cloud. So, amazing day so far. The french toast was definitely decent for whipping it together with things that we had in our respective pantries, but there’s definitely room for improvement. I want to try making it this way but with cream cheese (pumpkin cheesecake french toast!) I also want to try making french toast using pumpkin bread, and I ALSO can’t wait for a lazy Sunday to try this recipe. Blackberry… caramel… mascarpone… RUM?! Yes please.

Easy-peasy pumpkin-squeezy french toast mix
makes 6-8 slices

– 4 eggs
–  1/4 cup pumpkin puree*
– about an  1/8 teaspoon of cinnamon
– pinch of ground clove
– pinch of nutmeg

whip with a fork, dip some dank wheat bread in it, cook & enjoy!

*fresh would be best, but I said easy!

fall recipes? this way please.
peace, love & puppy clouds,

Open Road Festival: GIVEAWAY WINNER!

Congratulations to Joyce Michaud for winning the Open Road Festival Giveaway!

Joyce actually took the photo below at the festival last year, when Hydrogen Jukebox was just a little baby brain-child of mine!

& here’s a little glimpse of my booth this year!

I had such a blast & I already can’t wait until next year!


{GIVEAWAY} for open road!

Bare with me folks… I have been up all night crafting (read: that’s right, I haven’t gone to bed yet. It’s 8am.) the laptop I’m using doesn’t have any photo editing programs & the internet isn’t working on my desktop, I still have much to do for Open Road & Kitsa’s bridal shower tomorrow but… I managed to throw together a little giveaway in honor of Open Road! I’m really excited about it & if all goes well I can definitely see myself doing it more often-  anyone who knows me knows it isn’t hard to get me to give things away. So, without further ado let’s get onto the unedited, tired-eyed, mediocre photos & the rules for entering the giveaway!

So… what is it?

a golden oldies revisited record bowl!

A Patridge Family recycled paper notebook!& Magic Hat bottle cap earrings that read “write your own future” & “better living through alchemy”!

There are 3 ways to enter the giveway:

1. Share the Open Road Music Festival link on your facebook!
2. Tweet about the festival using the hashtag #openroadfestival!
3. Share info about Open Road or this giveway on your blog!

Then, comment here with a link to your fb/twitter/blog so I can be sure!
And don’t forget to include your name and email just in case I don’t have it!
& If we’re not facebook friends, be sure to like our page so I can see your link!

You are more than welcome to enter all 3 different ways for a better shot at winning! Just submit them each in separate comments so I can be sure they count!

I will accept submissions until Sunday, September 11 at 5pm. The winner will be chosen at random & announced later that evening where I will then contact you with shipping information (if need be)!

See you tomorrow?


Business cards are in!

I finally received the package I had been waiting for! What a perfect way to brighten up this gloomy day: these awesome business cards (designed by Marcus, of course) & my first pumpkin spice latte of the season. Huzzah!


I’m in love.


I’m trying to bust out some crafts…

but someone’s distracting me.

Wedding Weekend


I have mixed feelings about weddings. I mean for the most part I think weddings are a blast. It’s fun to dress up, eat fancy food, have some cocktails and dance all night with friends and family. Though in the last few years, seeing how stressful (and expensive) some people let it be has really turned me off to the idea of it. It’s not that I’m not in support of marriage, but the amount of money some people are willing to (or insist on) dish out for this one day seems to me, to sort of take the love out of it.

As I’ve mentioned before, I have a few friends who are recently engaged (or newlyweds!) and being a part of their much more down-to-earth celebrations and wedding planning discussions has really changed the way I look at it. It’s never been that I’m not in favor of tradition either, in fact in many ways I am really sentimental about it. I guess I’m more confused as to why people think they won’t actually be married unless they follow the traditional ceremony guidelines. Finding low budget favors, hand making decorations and adding unique touches seems much more personal than throwing a bunch of money at the same celebration everyone else is having. But that’s just me.

This Sunday I went to Jamestown, RI for the wedding of two very good friends: Marisa & Andy. Everything was perfect, and so perfectly them. It was in a big field seemingly in the middle of the woods over looking the water. During the ceremony they invited friends and family to share happy thoughts for the couple, and I was really sort of impressed but not neccessarily surprised at the amount of people who had something to say. It just speaks volumes about the kind of people they are and the kind of people they attract. Someone at the ceremony said something like “they are the kind of couple that you feel happier seeing them together”, and I totally agree.

When I met Marisa & Andy (through Marisa’s sister Amy who was my college roommate for my short stint at URI) we all immediately clicked. See: Picture below of us all on top of each other making funny faces.

This was the night we met.

The Ratigan sisters, Andy, Steve & myself.

I really always have the best time with these people, and to be a part of their very special day was so lovely. They both looked stunning (and as a pleasant surprise, Marisa even had on earrings I made her a few years ago!) The reception had awesome food, fun people and my favorite part… homebrewed beer! Yes, Marisa & Andy MADE ALL OF THE BEER FOR THEIR WEDDING. Did I mention they’re amazing? Because I meant to.

Per usual, I was way too busy taking everything in that I barely took ANY pictures. I have a few of the water, one of a small child (a cousin perhaps) and a few of Marcus‘ face. Oops.

Luckily there were some lovely photographers there as well, so here’s a few shots from Summer Street Photography:

Do you have any interesting unique wedding stories? Send them this way!
I hope you all had a nice labor day. For me, I worked a double- but it was worth it! Now it’s crunch time for Open Road! Have you bought your ticket yet?


Open Road Countdown!

10 days until Open Road! (and there’s still tickets!) Are you ready?! (because I am not!) There’s so much I want to do in preparation that I have a feeling this is going to feel like finals week in college.  There’s a part of me that enjoys being really prepared for things, but there’s another part of me that loves the mad rush, all-nighters and in this case being forced to set some craft time aside and bust stuff out. Hopefully the latter side is ready to play. Go, Kate, go!
Also, Marcus designed a banner for my booth that arrived yesterday. I ripped it open sometime around 1am and snapped this cellphone picture. Yeah, I kind of have a big crush on it.

Yes, I said 1am and yes I am up and blogging about it at 7am.

This weekend it’s Marisa & Andy’s wedding (more later) designing Kitsa’s wedding jewelry and oh did I mention Melissa asked me to be her bridesmaid?! Everyone is getting married! Feel the love!

It’s the boys’ first day of school today & tomorrow is September 1st. Hey summer, where’d you go? I will be spending what little time I have doing last minute summery things I haven’t gotten around to. I went to the drive-ins last night… check! What else should I do? What have you all been up to?!

Have a wonderful & productive day! I hope I do.
xo, Katie