Meet Muggle

This is Muggle.

The boys got a puppy this weekend, so basically I got a part-time puppy too. She is the sweetest little bugger I’ve ever seen. We all adore her already. Her eyes the most gorgeous greyish-blue. I spent the better part of yesterday snuggling with her and little B-monster on the couch. It’s going to be extra work for sure, but a lot of extra cuteness in return. However, now there’s two little ones to house break…

Come on B, you don’t want to be out potty-trained by a puppy!

While the little ones nap I’ve been dreaming up things to add to the list of what to do, make, drink & eat this fall. So far there’s pumpkin beer (of course), spiked apple cider, pumpkin pie martinis, baked pumpkin zitiĀ  (adapted from veganomicon) pumpkin cheesecake, and Emily’s suggestions of pumpkin hummus & pumpkin pie white hot chocolate.

Hold on, you have a little drool on your chin there.
It’s okay, I do too.

What are your favorite fall recipes? Send your links this way!

lots of love & pumpkin spiced lattes,
katie o


  1. is she named after Harry Potter?!?!?!?!

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